Maybe you can’t answer that question yet but after reading the information below we think the answer will be yes. Below is a list of critical quality and engineering needs that are not being met by ERP/MES. All of these efforts are assumed to be addressed outside of traditional ERP/MES but rarely are.

Engineering Tools from DISCUS ENGEstimating and Initial Planning

  • Identified the specific part features
  • Figured out the processes to make the part
  • Determined amount of labor required

Manufacturing & Quality Planning

  • Identified the part’s characteristics
  • Created inspection plan for the shop
  • Developed the detailed work instructions.

Producing & Inspecting

  • Presented illustrated work instruction
  • Collected detailed process data
  • Collected characteristic results data

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Organized characteristic results data
  • Prepared customer reports
  • Determined root causes of issues

So how is your ERP/MES helping you with these types of requirements?

If you have a performance gap in any of these areas you might want to explore DISCUS ENG (Engineering Next Generation).

DISCUS ENG provides a live digital thread from customer requirements to shipping. The patent pending technology enables you to address many critical engineering needs with a single common effort.

To learn more check out the DISCUS ENG home page with more information and links to relevant white papers.