Download DISCUS for Rolls-Royce Supply Chain

  1. Download and run the DISCUS install program.
  2. Bring up DISCUS and select Enter License Key on the Free Trial pop up window.
  3. Enter the DISCUS License Key Rolls-Royce supplied you and select OK.
  4. DISCUS will automatically configure itself for licensing. Shutdown and restart DISCUS.

When you use the DISCUS License provided to you by Rolls Royce, DISCUS must be used only for Rolls Royce business purposes. If you desired to use DISCUS for your other customers, you must purchase your own general purpose license for DISCUS

For answers to the most commonly asked questions associated with using DISCUS with the Roll-Royce GSP E-FAIR Net-Inspect, please review (and bookmark) the DISCUS – Rolls-Royce E-FAIR FAQ page.