Your Traditional Manufacturing Engineering Tools are Letting You Down

How much time are you spending on administrative work, searching for production information, and entering data into the ERP system?

Does your ERP/MES system help with:

- estimating costs for new parts
- managing production risks
- preparing detailed manufacturing plans
- incorporating design changes
- providing digital work instructions
- solving shop floor problems

The traditional document management approaches used by ERP haven't really worked. Sharing electronic paper is not enough to achieve new levels of performance.

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 starts with DISCUS ENG


 DISCUS ENG - Engineering Next Generation - provides a live digital thread from customer requirements to shipping.

The patent pending technology enables you to address many critical engineering needs with a single common effort.

DISCUS ENG is a fine-grained computerized representation of parts and processes that enables unprecedented automation.



Cost Estimating

Do a better job at estimating and use that data to make the development of manufacturing plans more efficient.

Risk Management

Provide risk management as an integral part of your engineering efforts without adding-on lots of paper-pushing.


Process Planning

Generate detailed manufacturing plans with information from your customer’s requirements contained in the TDP.


Work Instructions

Develop visual work instructions and data collection forms without requiring your engineering team to become document publishers.


Change Management

Incorporate design and specification updates by automatically identifying impact and making mass changes.


Performance Reporting

Gain real-time insights into production to rapidly solve problems and generate necessary reports for FAI and PPAP.


Engineering Tools of the Future

DISCUS ENG is a companion system to your existing ERP/MES.

ENG provides Integration Connectors to allow easy data sharing with your existing system.

Browser-Based System for Enterprise Collaboration

DISCUS ENG does not require users to install and maintain any software


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DISCUS ENG leverages the latest software technology to enable an extremely affordable solution.



DISCUS ENG White Papers and E-Guides

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