Cost estimating starts at the front-end of the business process usually in response to a Request for Quote (RFQ).  It involves the first detailed review of the customer’s Technical Data Package (TDP), which includes the detailed analysis of models, drawings, and specifications.

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Most Common Challenges

  • Large effort involved in identifying requirements in TDP
  • Difficult to leverage similar part history
  • ERP/MES does not help determine labor & material
  • Analysis from estimating effort is not re-used


  • Enables rapid identification of requirements
  • Provides essential data to your estimating spreadsheet
  • Helps to leverage experience with similar parts
  • Captures analysis for re-use downstream
  • Integration connectors eliminate re-entering data


  • Increases accuracy of quotes for improved profitability
  • Reduces quality escapes by ensuring all requirements are met
  • Reduces lead time and labor by re-using analysis efforts