Digital Thread2

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Most Common Challenges

  • ERP/MES does not assist extracting requirements from TDP
  • ERP/MES is typically based on textual instructions
  • ERP/MES does not enable re-use of planning
  • ERP/MES does not verify that all requirements are addressed


  • Extracts requirements from the part's TDP
  • Enables creation of 2D and 3D views of a part
  • Enables flow-down of requirements to operations
  • Sets up plans for use as digital work instructions
  • Integration connectors eliminate re-entering data


  • ENG integration connectors eliminate re-entering data
  • Reduces labor required to develop manufacturing plans
  • Increases first pass yield on shop floor with detailed steps
  • Improves shop efficiency with consistent work instructions
  • Reduces labor efforts to care and feed ERP/MES