Floating Internal License Server

The automatic DISCUS Get License feature could not automatically determine the license type of your key. This is typically caused by your computer being configured to use an automatic configuration script to dynamically determine the internet proxy.

This page has determined that your license key () is for floating licensing with the DISCUS internet floating license server.

Please complete the following steps to configure DISCUS to access the DISCUS internet floating license server.

  1. Click Cancel on the Get License window.
  2. If the DISCUS Free Trial window is displayed, click on continue to free trial, the click on menu item Tools, License Information.
  3. On the License Information window, click on Advanced.
  4. On the License Configuration window, click on Floating and for Floating Type click on Internet License Server. Click on OK.
  5. Follow the prompts to shutdown and restart DISCUS.
  6. When DISCUS restarts you’ll be prompted to enter your license key. Enter .
  7. If you still cannot access your floating license, you probably have a proxy server issue. You will need to contact your IT support and DISCUS support.