With DISCUS Connect, you’ll save time and money by collaborating with other departments as well as your suppliers. A more detailed listing of features and benefits appears below:

DISCUS Connect Feature Pertinent Business Benefit
Centralized server in the cloud or behind your firewall Ensures that important information is easier to locate, backup, and re-use.
Consolidates all requirements and results in a centralized server Reduces the amount of time spent searching for TDP requirements and FAI results
Seamless integration to DISCUS Desktop for saving and restoring Enables creators of the intelligent TDP to continue to be most efficient in their work
Server-based sharing of an Intelligent Technical Data Package Provides data structure that can be actively shared for multiple downstream operations
Web interface to the intelligent Technical Data Package Reduces the cost to collaborate with suppliers on requirements and results
Reports on status across parts, programs, and organizations Reduces the time to review and disposition supplier submissions
Detailed dashboard of key performance indicators Reduces quality escapes and improves the first pass yield of your suppliers
Drill-down of information programs, parts, suppliers, and users Provides insights into performance for specific issues and ensures corrective action
Configurable workflow that tracks and alerts on business events Ensures that events and business actions are addressed in a timely manners
Advanced reporting and business intelligence Improved support for customer, industry, and internal audits and certifications
Interfaces to more advanced workflow functionality Ensures that the overall solution integrates into your IT infrastructure
Integrations to major ERP part master, bill of materials, orders, etc. Provides additional efficiency in the creation of the intelligent Tech Data Package
Integrations to major PDM drawings and models Reduces even more, the time and labor to submit inspection data to customers