Desktop – The foundation module for managing the TDP and identifying characteristics and requirements.

Features Benefits DISCUS Competition
Manage multiple drawings and documents for a TDP Helps reduce quality escapes that come from overlooking requirements YES  YES
Opens files in PDF and TIFF formats Supports most common formats used to share electronic drawings and specs. No data conversion necessary YES YES
Multi-panel user interface with links for the TDP Provides intuitive interface to view the source and relationships of requirements YES YES
Drop and drag to easily balloon 2D drawing Allows for very efficient identification and disposition of characteristics YES YES
Customizable balloon numbering with groups Supports balloon identification that is consistent with existing systems YES NO
Extract requirements from other documents such as specs Enables the explicit inclusion of requirements from specifications YES NO
Capture characteristic requirements as an image Minimizes manual data entry by capturing annotations in an image format YES Unknown
Capture characteristic requirements in structured format Enables formatting of requirements for semantically-enriched downstream use YES YES
Copy, paste, and duplicate characteristics and balloons Provides even greater efficiency in characteristic identification YES NO
Customizable balloon properties such as shapes, sizes, and colors Enables support of company and/or customer-specific formats YES YES
Customizable drawing grid layout Minimizes manual data entry by automatically capturing sheet and zone YES YES
Text markup of drawing along with leader lines Improves communication by allowing customized information to appear on drawing YES Unknown
Generates a customizable Bill of Characteristics Consolidates all requirements into accountability check list, keeping balloon drawing and inspection sheet in synch YES YES
Saved profiles for efficiently supporting multiple customers Enables quick configuration to support multiple customer formats. Use same process and tool for all customers YES NO
Export Bill of Characteristics to customizable Excel reports Provides format for additional downstream applications such as inspection sheets, setup sheets, etc. YES YES
Certified to export to FAI systems at Lockheed, Rolls, Pratt Reduces time and labor to submit first article inspection data to customers YES Partially
Export ballooned drawing to PDF Captures ballooning information in a very professional and easy-to-share format YES YES
Simple installation and configuration Reduces the cost associated with having an IT or computer specialist get it up and running YES YES
Years in business 3 Times more experience than closest competitor, large customer base, and mature support tools and processes. 8 3
CSV file upload for Forms 1 and 2 Re-usability and eliminate redundancy YES NO


Planner – Manage characteristics by specific operation including the creation of process illustrations and work instructions.

Features Benefits DISCUS Competition
Maintain a routing and defined operations for a specific part Reduces the effort to coordinate characteristic planning with other systems such as ERP YES NO
Maintain routing templates with reusable information Reduces the time and labor to create comprehensive process planning documentation YES NO
Customizable inspection methods, sampling plans, etc. Ensures that system works with existing databases and terminology YES NO
Assign characteristics to specific operation where produced Ensures that all characteristics are being properly defined throughout the production lifecycle YES NO
Review application of Characteristics by operation Reduces quality escapes by helping to validate the changes in characteristic values between operations YES NO
Create work instructions and process illustrations for each operation Improve yield by enabling production personnel to concentrate on requirements for the specific operation YES NO
Automatically create operation inspection characteristics Reduce the time and labor to create comprehensive process planning documentation YES NO
Text markup of illustrations by operation Improves communication by allowing customized information for each operation YES NO
Filter Characteristics and display drawings side-by-side Reduces time to link related characteristics and ensures that all characteristics have been properly assigned YES NO
Export a complete process plan with instructions, illustrations, etc. Reduces the time and labor to create comprehensive process planning documentation YES NO
Export Characteristics and operations to customizable Excel reports Provides format for additional downstream applications such as inspection sheets, setup sheets, etc. YES NO


CMM – Import results from CMM Reports and incorporate the values into DISCUS Results and inspection reports.

Features Benefits DISCUS Competition
Entry and formatting of results automatically from a CMM Report Reduces manual data entry associated with reading CMM reports and entering onto a formal FAI report YES YES
Automatic issue checking of CMM Report versus the Bill of Characteristics Reduces quality escapes by capturing transcription errors in CMM programming and FAI reporting YES YES
Ability to Suggest mapping of CMM axes to characteristics Reduces time for mapping of the CMM Report to an FAI, reducing potential quality escapes YES NO
Backfill to create an FAI & ballooned drawing from a CMM Report Enables the rapid creation of a customer-acceptable report from a CMM Report YES NO


3D – Interrogate the native 3D CAD model (CATIA, Pro/E, NX, Solidworks and many other formats) and annotations to automatically identify characteristics and illustrations.

Features Benefits DISCUS Competition
Incorporates CAD models into the TDP Ensures that CAD model along with other documents are captured and organized YES NO
Open native CAD model formats – CATIA, Pro/E, NX, SolidWorks Supports most common formats used to share CAD models. No CAD software or data conversion necessary YES Yes*
Interrogate and extract requirements data from 3D models Reduces time and labor to understand model and identify characteristics YES Yes*
Automatically create Bill of Characteristics from models with PMI Reduces dramatically the time and labor to identify characteristics YES Unknown*
Create characteristics by measuring model features Reduces time and labor to identify characteristics that are not addressed by PMI/annotations YES Unknown*
Automatically create illustration views with balloons Reduces time and labor to create documentation for FAI, in-process inspection, etc. YES Unknown*
Selectively filter the display of datums, balloons, and annotations Improves communication by eliminating extraneous information from the display YES Unknown*
Customizable illustration views using multiple model parameters Ensures that 3D view of part is sensible to viewers accustomed to simple 2D drawings YES NO
Export illustrations with balloons to 2D PDF Supports the legacy world where users are accustomed to 2D layouts YES NO
Export ballooned CAD model to 3D PDF Provides means for sharing characteristic requirements in the 3D model-based enterprise YES NO
No additional native CAD tool license required Cost savings and speed to implementation accelerated. YES NO
Use the same tool and UI user interface on all CAD model formats. Easy to use, adaptable to the CAD application of your choice. YES NO

*Not part of the native tool – is handled by a plugin to the CAD Tool


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – Use Optical Character Recognition to help extract characteristics from drawing images and specification documents.

Features Benefits DISCUS Competition
Convert and intelligently extract some annotation from a drawing Reduces data entry labor and errors with automatic recognition of notes and dimensions YES YES
Convert and extract text from scanned documents Reduces data entry by extracting requirements from material & process specifications YES NO
Customizable scan and recognition settings Improves auto-recognition by customizing for specific drawings YES YES
View the converted text along with the original captured image Improves effort by helping to quickly identify areas where ambiguity exists YES Unknown
Recognize GD&T symbols and Feature Control Frame Improves time savings by quickly filling in form 3 with correct symbols YES NO*

*they do recognize a diameter symbol


Results – Enter actual result values for the characteristics and have the system automatically validate compliance.

Features Benefits DISCUS Competition
Entry of results in tabular format for data entry Reduces manual data entry associated with recording actual results YES Unknown
Automatic verification of results versus characteristic requirements Reduces labor by checking that the results pass or fail against the requirements YES YES
Result status shown in real-time on drawing & Bill of Characteristics Ensures that requirement violations are not overlooked, reducing potential quality escapes YES YES
Customizable results fields for data entry Allows the results data to easily interoperate with existing reporting requirements YES NO
Results data exportable to customer FAI systems Reduces even more, the time and labor to submit inspection data to customers YES YES
Save settings for everyone to use Companywide time savings, eliminates manual data entry YES NO