what-our-customers-sayWhen considering an investment in new software tools it is helpful to hear what current users have to say about the experience of using the tools.  Below are a few comments from our customers, I hope they help you consider our products for your needs.

DISCUS takes the potential for human error out of the equation and has checking points to ensure you’re in line with FAI standards.” – Joe Murphy, Chairman, Ferco Tech, Inc. (www.fercotech.com)

I enjoy working with the DISCUS tool and we are reaping the benefits of time savings of at least 50% in creating our FAIs.” – Robin G. Parks, Quality Engineer Barnes Aerospace (www.barnesaero.com)

DISCUS has considerably reduced the time we spend on FAIR compilation… DISCUS gives the user the confidence that the FAIR submitted to the customer is Right First Time and we were amazed at how easy and straight forward the software is to use.” – Tim Marshall, Quality Team Manager, Esterline Darchem Engineering Ltd (www.darchem.co.uk)

Some of our AS9102 First Article Inspections used to take days, but with DISCUS it now only takes hours.” – Dave Rogers, Senior Quality Engineer, Therm Incorporated (www.therm.com)

Manufacturing now doesn’t have to wait for Quality to do the paperwork; it’s done within hours of receiving a completed process from Engineering. [DISCUS] has shortened cycle times to hours from days resulting in labor savings that paid for DISCUS the first time we used it.” – Harry Crossman, Quality Assurance Engineer, Turbine Engine Components Technologies (www.tectcorp.com)

DISCUS helped a lot toward getting the FAIs out the door. To tell the truth there was no way that I could have completed three full blown FAIs last week without it.” – Keith Moore, Quality Engineer, Precision Components International. (www.pciga.com)

Using DISCUS takes about half the time as it would to create the AS9102 by hand. The ability of adding specification details is a wonderful bonus.” – Michael Parsley, Quality Systems Specialist, Precision Systems Mfg., Inc. (www.psmi.org)

During my DISCUS ROI analysis, we found that the cost of this software will be recouped in 5 weeks in labor savings on first articles. It didn’t take the proverbial ‘rocket scientist’ to figure this one out.” – Mark Miscavage, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Unison Engine Components (www.unisonindustries.com)

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