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Have you ever had to use measurement results from a CMM report in your first article inspection? You could spend hours searching for the specific measurement values, transposing those results onto the FAI report, and ensuring that you haven’t missed any details. It’s time consuming and could be error prone.

Now, the new DISCUS CMM Module enables you to dramatically reduce the time to incorporate those results into your FAI report, as well as greatly reduce potential transcription errors. The DISCUS CMM Module allows you to take the measurement results from the CMM report and use them in the DISCUS Bill of Characteristics table.

DISCUS CMM does not require any special software to be installed on your CMM computer. In DISCUS, you just open your text-formatted CMM report, which gets displayed in the CMM report panel. The standard CMM report appears with two columns appended to the left, which indicate the characteristic number associated with the specific feature axises, and an Apply checkbox that indicates the result is being used in the Bill of Characteristics table.

If the CMM program contained explicit mapping of the feature’s two characteristics, the CN and Apply all happen automatically when you open the CMM report in DISCUS.

One of the great capabilities of the DISCUS CMM Module is the ability to identify and preclude errors. At the top of the CMM report panel, our metrics that show inconsistencies or issues between the BOC and the CMM report, these are all updated in real time. If there is a tolerance mismatch or other inconsistency, DISCUS will catch this and warn us.

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Even more exciting are some of the advanced capabilities of DISCUS CMM. For example, if the CMM programmer didn’t provide any hints about the specific characteristics related to a feature, you can use the DISCUS CMM Suggest capability, which automatically finds likely matches for you.

Select a characteristic number from the Suggested List based on the search criteria and DISCUS applies the measurement result and updates the status.

What if we have a CMM report, but no one took the time to create a balloon drawing? No problem! We can use the DISCUS CMM Backfill capability. The Backfill command enables you to create an FAI report, as well as the balloon drawing, from the CMM report.

Ultimately, we can create the first article report inside Excel and a balloon PDF drawing. There! A data extraction and entry activity that used to take you hours now only takes minutes with DISCUS CMM.

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