If you are new to DISCUS here is some helpful content from one of our Boss Kit documents, a DISCUS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

faqWhat is DISCUS?

DISCUS is a reasonably priced suite of software tools that greatly reduces the labor effort for quality and manufacturing planning.  DISCUS enables a user to work with a part model or drawing to efficiently identify the detailed characteristics, derive the specific requirements, and automate the organization of inspection plans, process plans, etc.

How many companies are using DISCUS?

DISCUS is in use in nearly 800 different organizations, ranging from large companies such as Lockheed, Raytheon, and Honeywell to smaller suppliers such as Barnes Aerospace, Enginetics, and Turner Medical.  There is a separate Customer Testimonials document that provides comments from actual users.

What business benefits can I expect from DISCUS?

The most easily quantified benefits are the reduction in Quality Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering labor associated with the creation of inspection plans and process plans.  Many DISCUS users have received a 5X Return on Investment in the first year of use.

How much does DISCUS cost?

You can use DISCUS Desktop for as little as $60 per month for a single user.  The most common configuration selected by small companies is a one-time fee for a floating license for under $3,000.  There is a separate Pricing document that provides the complete details as well as options you can consider.

Can we get training for DISCUS?

DISCUS provides an optional on-line training session. These are very effective at getting you productive using DISCUS in less than an hour.

What support is available to me?

There are several support options available to you.  When you run DISCUS, there are help files available. They can be accessed by pressing F1 after you launch DISCUS. Finally, you can submit specific questions to our DISCUS Software support team on the Help Request page.

What are some of the advanced capabilities of DISCUS?

DISCUS includes optional add-ons to support optical character recognition, on-line results entry & validation.  In addition, DISCUS has optional modules to support interaction directly with 3D CAD models, the development of process plans, and the analysis of producibility.