Avoid FAI Audit Failure with DISCUSHave you received a letter from a customer whose first paragraph goes something like this?

Recent audit findings and defect investigations have identified deficiencies within (Your Customer’s Name) supply base related to First Article Inspections (FAI). (Your Customer’s Name) considers the First Article Inspection process both a fundamental and critical step in ensuring the manufacturing and subsequent inspection processes are capable of consistently producing a product that meets all engineering and contractual requirements. 

Feels awful to receive such a notice, of course many times we are not surprised, usually we know our FAI process needs improvement. If you haven’t received such a notice from a customer congratulations. At DISCUS Software our tools are designed to help all manufacturers avoid such a notice. If you are new to using software tools then check out our FAI Solutions or Download a Free Trial of DISCUS. If you aren’t quite to the point of automation yet but want to meet requirements Download our Free AS9102 Usable Forms.