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CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) are essential to quality engineering. This article discusses the ‘fixtures’  part of quality control inspection. (Caution: email registration required to read the full article)

Data in, Safety Out – New software predicts when and where serious traffic accidents are most likely to occur on Tennessee highways. The power of data analysis.

In the Race for Success, Quality is More Important than Productivity – The axiom that “productivity equals profitability” is held to be self-evident. But in this era of profitless prosperity, i.e., robust sales with low profits, that notion is ripe for re-examination. The battle today is for market share. Focusing primarily on productivity won’t win that war.

What Do ISO 9001 Revisions Mean for Manufacturers? – First start by obtaining a copy of the Draft International Standard which is available from The publication of ISO/DIS 9001:2014 is a signal for organizations to formally start their transition planning.

There must be some quality management issues here:

13 Arrests After Italian Factory Makes Bad Mozzarella

Defense Contractor Accused Of Selling Phony Parts

Harley Recalls Bikes For Ignition Switch Problem

Hyundai Recalling More Than 419K Vehicles

Halco Recalls LED Bulbs Due To Injury, Burn Hazards

Finally, here is a nice article on success, Tight Tolerances at Top Tool the 2013 Quality Plant of Year.

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