quality 1The original impetus for the process of doing a First Article Inspection was governmental as an offshoot of government regulation, attention to safety and the need for a way to trace cause and effect through the entire supply chain of a particular product.

Today the required completion of a formal and standardized FAI process has spread to industries that have a high impact if quality issues arise including Military, Aerospace, Automotive and Medical. Any industry whose products have a high cost, an impact on human life or environment are included.

There are regulatory and standards bodies that work to define and evolve various quality standards and requirements for different industries. Aerospace for example has a standard labeled AS9102 developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)

Of course once you understand what an FAI is conceptually you will infer that it is just a good business practice for any manufacturer, particularly because the software tools for automating the process are available and mature.

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