Identify the Changes Between Drawing Revisions

watch-demoWinston Churchill said,”To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” While Churchill was not talking about revision changes with drawings, he might as well have been. Drawing revisions continually improve the overall quality and integrity of the product, as the intended goal, but for suppliers, the constant changing of revisions can be a production nightmare.

Certainly the drawing’s revision block provides suppliers with a guide to the overall changes in the drawings. However, most would agree that the differences between the drawing can be subtle, hidden, and can cause interpretation errors. The differences are often not indicated on the unreliable revision block. So it’s up to you, the supplier, to determine the changes between the revisions and adjust.

Trying to find the differences between two very similar drawings is an exhaustive and time consuming activity, and the human eye is likely to miss important changes. The revision process is not only time-consuming, but can delay work and lead to loss of revenue. Any failure to recognize the differences further exacerbates the cost of doing business, and can cause rework, scrap and rejections. Dealing with revisions is an ongoing problem that can affect your future business.

What is needed is software that will readily compare the differences between two drawings in about two clicks. The drawing changes are noted in red, and can be printed out so the quality engineer, without ambiguity, easily identifies the differences between the drawings, changes that evade the human eye. Now the inspector can respond to the changes in a matter of minutes, not hours. Using the DISCUS Comparison feature, the differences are indicated in red or any color you select for the new revision, leaving the unchanged areas in light gray. Even a novice can recognize the differences!

DISCUS brings to your quality team a means to deal with revisions that will eliminate rework, rejections and frustration.

  • In a matter of seconds, quickly and precisely ascertain the differences between the revisions.
  • Speed up production and FAI reporting by hours and days.
  • Since all changes are noted, your team will have a higher accuracy of reporting.
  • Ensure your customer that your revision process is state of the art, thus earning more business.
  • Eliminate rework, scrap and rejections.

With DISCUS you can reallocate your personnel to less menial tasks than examining each drawing. Finally your team
can retire the magnifying glass! Indeed, “to improve is to change” so isn’t it time to make a change in the way you
handle revisions? Contact [email protected] to realize a quality solution for each and every revision.

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