Extending the intelligent TDP to the supply chain

DISCUS Connect acts as a companion to DISCUS Desktop to enable more complete collaboration. For example, if you have these interests, Connect is a candidate for your consideration:

  • Manage the technical performance of your supply chain
  • Make your technical data and inspection reports easier to share
  • Review plans, status, and results of quality in real-time
  • Increase your efficiency with integration to systems such as ERP
  • Streamline your internal manufacturing and quality planning processes

The server-based DISCUS provides various modules to enable you to cost-effectively add capabilities as you need them:

DISCUS Connect – The foundation module for server operation that includes the iTDP Server and the primary web pages for the TDP and FAI.

DISCUS Collaborator – The module that adds a real-time digital dashboard, business intelligence, advanced reporting, and reconfigurable workflow.

DISCUS Advanced – The module that provides capabilities for integrating the iTDP Server with various business systems such as ERP and PDM.

The Solutions page provides a more detailed description of how you can mix and match the various DISCUS modules to create the solution that is the best fit for your organization.