In the world of regulated industries, engineers and  scientists continue to find new ways of improving designs, products, and parts.  With these innovations in mind, the International Aerospace Quality Group  (IAQG) have created a series of forms to help organize, standardize, and  regulate these advancements. The First Article Inspection (FAI) is one of these  organizational forms.

forms1In this article we’ll look at the basic overview information regarding FAI and how DISCUS can help you better complete your FAI.


FAI can be defined as the complete analysis of the first item created in production to confirm correct setup and process configuration. In other words, FAI helps companies ensure and review proper documentation of design characteristics, manufacturing parts, referenced exhibits, drawing requirements, and product specifications. Having proper documentation helps companies understand the production methods, account for all parts of development, verify the processes for production, and report the findings for company and government records. When complex parts and products are created, it is of the utmost importance that they are prepared correctly and repeatedly. Making a mistake in this process could affect entire fleets of aircrafts, which in turn could place people’s lives in danger. First Article Inspection forms are just one way that IAQG has introduced to help combat this potential problem.

Some of the basic information within a FAI document includes the following:

  • Dimensional Measurement
  • Specification Requirements
  • Product Name and Number
  • Detailed Statistical Analysis
  • Design Characteristics

The DISCUS Advantage

First Article Inspection forms help organize information from design to production. With all that is needed to complete these forms, it would be easy to get frustrated, confused, and discouraged by the whole process. DISCUS is a tool that allows you to assemble your CAD models, drawings, specs and related documents; identify characteristic requirements and manage them at a detailed level. DISCUS allows you to export to an AS9102 spreadsheet, which can also be customized for each of your customer’s needs. In other words, it can consolidate and organize all your information, saving you time and money, all while providing the most efficient way to generate a customer FAI electronically. With the importance of FAI software and the advantages that you get from using DISCUS, why not try a trial version today?