Use DISCUS IDA™ with auto ballooning to quickly create your FAI forms from 2D drawings and 3D models.

DISCUS is the foundation tool for organizing and analyzing the Technical Data Package for manufacturing & quality planning. Specifically designed to enable you to organize an intelligent TDP, DISCUS quickly captures all the requirements with IDA™.

DISCUS IDA™ through artificial intelligence (AI) technology enables the automated extraction of much more technical data contained in the 2D engineering drawing, requiring less attention from your personnel while also providing better results.

DISCUS with IDA™ can:

  • Automatically balloon an entire drawing in just a few clicks.
  • Extract Structures requirements and more from drawing and specification documents.
  • Make the ballooning process even more efficient with advanced capabilities of optical character recognition.

Do you want the capability to automatically convert characteristics from one Measuring system to another and automatically renumber balloons in patterns consistent with the most common practices?

DISCUS does all this, plus much more, while being installed and configured with ease. The user interface is intuitive, so you can be up and running in minutes.

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