DISCUS Desktop

DISCUS Desktop is the foundation module of the DISCUS tools that run on a Windows workstation. This is the only required component and you can consider all of the other modules as optional add-ons.

DISCUS Desktop combined with OCR enables auto ballooning of PDF or TIFF engineering drawings.

DISCUS Desktop enables you to manage the Technical Data Package (TDP) and identify characteristics and requirements from 2D drawings and specification documents. Other DISCUS modules can be added to provide the ability to capture results (DISCUS Results), to open and interrogate 3D CAD models (DISCUS 3D), and to create detailed in-process inspection plans (DISCUS Planner)…

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DISCUS OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an add-on for DISCUS Desktop that enables the extraction of text from your image drawing using the leading OCR engine, OmniPage from Nuance and customized Google-based OCR technology.

For Auto Ballooning, DISCUS has combined customized Google-based OCR technology with unique image processing algorithms and our RADAR™ technology to identify, annotate and extract engineering requirements from PDF and TIFF drawings.

DISCUS OCR uses the RADAR™ recognition algorithm to automatically populate characteristic requirement data. When the original drawings are clear, RADAR enables the quick structuring of toleranced dimensions, not just text notes. DISCUS OCR provides you with control of the recognition process by allowing you to rotate and scale images before the recognition algorithm goes to work…

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DISCUS Results

DISCUS Results enables you to capture and verify actual inspection results without leaving the DISCUS tool.

DISCUS Results enables you to complete the entire inspection effort within DISCUS. It leverages the intuitive DISCUS user interface, and makes results entry an integral part of the process. DISCUS Results actually verifies the inspecting/testing results against the drawing/model requirements. Even more exciting, DISCUS Results graphically illustrates pass/fail status on the drawing/model…

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DISCUS CMM enables you to import results from CMM Reports and incorporate the values into the ballooned drawing and inspection report.

DISCUS CMM enables you to complete the entire inspection effort within DISCUS Desktop. It leverages the intuitive DISCUS user interface, and makes the importing of CMM results an integral part of the workflow. DISCUS CMM works as a complement to DISCUS Results by taking the values from the CMM Report and incorporating them into the Bill of Characteristics. Even more exciting…

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DISCUS Planner

Another engineering area highly dependent upon a well-defined Technical Data Package (TDP) is the creation of in-process inspection plans and manufacturing process plans.

DISCUS Desktop enables you to take a TDP and quickly create a consolidated master list of requirements (i.e., the Bill of Characteristics) for the finished part. The DISCUS Planner add-on module adds rich functionality to enable you to assign characteristics to operations, create in-process characteristics for operations, and develop operation-specific process illustrations…

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