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DISCUS Desktop is the foundation module of the DISCUS tools that run on a Windows workstation. This is the only required component and you can consider all of the other modules as optional add-ons.

DISCUS Desktop combined with IDA® enables auto ballooning of PDF or TIFF engineering drawings.

DISCUS Desktop enables you to manage the Technical Data Package (TDP) and identify characteristics and requirements from 2D drawings and specification documents. Other DISCUS modules can be added to provide the ability to capture results (DISCUS Results), to open and interrogate 3D CAD models (DISCUS 3D), and to create detailed in-process inspection plans (DISCUS Planner)…


DISCUS IDA® is a powerful evolution in manufacturing and quality engineering software solutions. It represents the next generation of tools for reading all the information in a drawing and generating full, compliant, and appropriate documentation.

IDA® stands out from other software addressing the same need because of its intelligent nature. Through artificial intelligence (AI), IDA® is laying the groundwork to make the information extraction process almost completely automated.  The IDA® technology framework enables the automated extraction of much more technical data contained in the 2D engineering drawing, requiring less attention from your personnel while also providing better results.

AI and machine learning tools empower IDA® to improve over time. Based on usage and feedback when an exception arises, IDA® can improve its performance, creating greater accuracy and time savings in the future. With a better understanding of what sets IDA® apart from similar solutions, let’s take a closer look…

DISCUS Results enables you to capture and verify actual inspection results without leaving the DISCUS tool.

DISCUS Results enables you to complete the entire inspection effort within DISCUS. It leverages the intuitive DISCUS user interface, and makes results entry an integral part of the process. DISCUS Results actually verifies the inspecting/testing results against the drawing/model requirements. Even more exciting, DISCUS Results graphically illustrates pass/fail status on the drawing/model…


DISCUS CMM enables you to import results from CMM Reports and incorporate the values into the ballooned drawing and inspection report.

DISCUS CMM enables you to complete the entire inspection effort within DISCUS Desktop. It leverages the intuitive DISCUS user interface, and makes the importing of CMM results an integral part of the workflow. DISCUS CMM works as a complement to DISCUS Results by taking the values from the CMM Report and incorporating them into the Bill of Characteristics. Even more exciting…

DISCUS Planner

Another engineering area highly dependent upon a well-defined Technical Data Package (TDP) is the creation of in-process inspection plans and manufacturing process plans.

DISCUS Desktop enables you to take a TDP and quickly create a consolidated master list of requirements (i.e., the Bill of Characteristics) for the finished part. The DISCUS Planner add-on module adds rich functionality to enable you to assign characteristics to operations, create in-process characteristics for operations, and develop operation-specific process illustrations…


Rather than wasting hours manually tagging models, drawings, and documents, and typing the requirements into various forms, DISCUS gives you a tool that enables you to easily identify and balloon these requirements, and generate a consolidated master list of requirements known as the “Bill of Characteristics”.

DISCUS 3D adds to DISCUS Desktop the additional support for 3D CAD models. The addition of the DISCUS 3D add-on allows you to significantly reduce the time it takes to balloon CAD models and create the Bill of Characteristics. With DISCUS 3D, you can save even more time using the DISCUS characteristic identification…


Extending the intelligent
TDP to the supply chain

Maintain and access the Technical Data Package (TDP) and the inspection reports on the server for web collaboration.

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