Supplemental TDP information

For a more complete TDP (Technical Data Package), add a jpeg picture of the part you are creating or any supplemental information under the menu item TDP/Bill of Documents. Upload all the materials for quick reference and to support any auditing activity.

Use special validator to enforce AS9102 compliance

DISCUS provides a special Excel validator to ensure compliance with AS9102 Rev B.  When you export to Excel, choose AS9102 Rev B Required from the Current Validator dropdown on the export to excel dialog.  Once turned on, DISCUS will parse through your data and indicated all of the items you need to address for compliance.   DISCUS prevents you from exporting to Excel until you resolve the noted errors.

Change a Revision in seconds

If your customer sends you a new revision, switch it quickly via TDP and New Revision. Check to see the differences between the two revisions and the data from the first revision stays with the balloons. Simply modify per the new revision changes.

Export horizontal results per part to Excel

Do you have a need to export your multiple results per part instead of all in one cell?  We have a solution for you.  Instead of exporting your results to the standard AS9102 Rev B template, chose the DISCUS Horizontal Results Template.xlsm template from the Excel template file dropdown (see figure 1).  After you export, click the CTRL-M key combination to activate the macro contained therein.  This will take the 1st 3 of your results by default and apply them into separate cells horizontally for each requirement.  You also have the option configure the template for more than 3 results per requirement by going to the CN-Results tab and changing the parameters noted in yellow.  If you have any questions about this template, please email us at [email protected] or call (614) 360-2424.

Figure 1

Upload DISCUS results data directly into Net-Inspect v5

As part of our latest 9.5 release, DISCUS can now upload to Net-Inspect’s latest v5 release.  Additionally, DISCUS users can now upload results directly into Net-Inspect without having to use the DISCUS Net-Inspect v4 template, a huge time saver.  The v5 upload functionality also includes stability and reliability enhancements over the previous Net-Inspect version.

DISCUS Software Live at IMTS 2018

DISCUS Software User Jeff Szemplinski from C&L Supreme and Rebecca Keller at IMTS 2018

We are live at IMTS 2018. Come see us at McCormick Place, 2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616 !

Our booth is in the East/Lakeside Building and the number is #135413

Stop by and see our:

  • First Article Inspection Reporting (AS9102)
  • In-process Inspection Planning
  • Setup Verification Sheets
  • Operation Work Instructions

The show is open September 10th-15th, 2018

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Visit DISCUS at IMTS 2018

Come see us at IMTS 2018 in Chicago on September 10-15, 2018.  We will be in the East Building (Level 3) in booth #135413. Stop by and get a demo of DISCUS, have your questions answered or just to say hello.

DISCUS is offering an IMTS 2018 Show Discount!

We are discounting our entire one-time fee store until October 31, 2018. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in your first seat of DISCUS or you’re getting your 10th seat, you can receive 30% off every one-time fee seat. Contact [email protected] to take advantage of this offer.  Plus, if you stop by the booth we might just have something extra for you.  See you in Chicago!


Client Comments

“We are striving to eliminate the amount of time spent transferring PC-DMIS CMM Report results, onto the inspection reports as well as the FAI reports. DISCUS CMM is a great tool for this task, with the new CSV format in the DISCUS CMM module it will become less time consuming to achieve this goal.  We look forward to working with DISCUS.” Alejandra Ortega, CMM Programmer, Magellan Aerospace – Ellanef Mfg. Corp.

“This software tool has saved valuable time in report preparation. By simply ballooning and capturing a feature, the software writes text to the AS9102 form. DISCUS is a great product!” James Bryan, Quality Assurance Inspector, Micro Craft Inc.

“DISCUS takes the potential for human error out of the equation and has checking points to ensure you’re in line with FAI standards.” Joe Murphy, Chairman, Ferco Tech, Inc

“Since we have purchased the DISCUS software we have not only applied DISCUS to our First Article and Final Inspection planning, we have also applied the techniques to our First Piece Inspection program. As a result we as a company have cut our document creation time by 200% which helps keep Aerostar Aerospace at the forefront of American Manufacturing. My customers could not be happier with us because of this, and in turn, we could not be happier with DISCUS. ” Patrick Montgomery, Quality Manager,Aerostar Aerospace Manufacturing

Announcing: Enhancements & Improvements with Launch of DISCUS 9.5 with Auto Ballooning

DISCUS Software is proud to announce our latest software update, DISCUS Desktop 9.5 with Net Inspect V5 integration, as well as improved results entry. The DISCUS Desktop software tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete First Article Inspection, in-process inspection planning and process planning.

DISCUS 9.5 responds to the feedback DISCUS has received from our extensive customer base and addresses critical issues found in DISCUS 9.2.

With DISCUS 9.5, users will experience faster and more reliable uploading to Net-Inspect, Results Import, Template Builder Improvements, plus more. See below for the more detailed list.

Net-Inspect V5 Integration

  • Much faster, very reliable
  • No more template upload method needed
  • DISCUS 9.5 can upload not only results, but multiple results, directly to Net-Inspect
  • Ability to upload FAA Approved, AOG, Internal FAI number, customer FAI number, customer part number fields to Net-Inspect

Results Import from Excel Improvements

  • Error dialog for problematic imports
  • Support for commas in numeric values, such as commas (1,234)
  • Many stability improvements
  • Ability to import Designed Tooling from Excel import feature
  • If a single value is not correctly formatted, the results import will fail; however, an error message will display for your correction, rather than the entire export failing

DISCUS Template Builder – Reliability improvements (and other templates with named ranges, which could cause errors on export) will now export seamlessly. Plus a warning and instruction will display explaining how to fix a template that wasn’t able to export (named ranges in workbook).

Default Tolerance – Stability improvements and validation are added so users cannot create a tolerance designator value with errors. Improved error proofing in DISCUS.

Zone Grid area – Stability improvements

Corrupt TDP’s – Stability improvements that will help prevent corrupt Technical Data Packages (TDPs) from occurring

DISCUS customer, Tyler Gomes from STD Precision Gear & Instrument, Inc., applauds DISCUS Desktop 9.0, “The amount of time saved and the ability to provided clear results with clean drawings is great. When it comes to busy/dimension heavy drawings, this feature is going to shine in its ability to save time for anyone who creates inspection reports.”

To try out DISCUS 9.5, download the free trial installer.

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

For a demo contact [email protected] or call 614-360-2424 ext. 1.

Text markup annotations

Use the text mark up feature to annotate your drawing. This gives you the ability to place text anywhere on your drawing but does not make any changes to your underlying drawing.  You can control the size, color and font plus you have a text markup pointer to point to areas on your drawing as well!  It is  available under the menu item Drawing\Add Text Markup.

Whiteout function

Use the white out function (CTRL-W) to hide the snap rectangles and balloons you created on the drawing. This helps you determine what ballooning you missed and allows you to renumber balloons for their proper sequence.