The DISCUS Software Company, founded in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio

The DISCUS Software Company specializes in the development of software tools for accelerating manufacturing and quality engineering. The DISCUS software tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete first article inspection, in-process inspection planning, process planning, and producibility analysis. DISCUS is compatible with many of the requirements used by companies such as Boeing, Ford, GE, Lockheed, and Siemens.


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We remain flexible to work with each customer individually and deliver a solution that fits your unique needs in licensing, implementation, and deployment. We are very proud to offer a high-level, responsive and timely customer and technical support.


The DISCUS Software Company business philosophy is reflected in these three tenants:

Customer Centric – Enable you to learn about DISCUS in a manner that gives you the greatest confidence in your buying decision.  You can go to the web site, download Boss Kit information, watch video demos, attend webinars, download a free trial version, or email/call with your questions.

Modularized Software – Enable you to configure a solution that best meets your needs.  You buy what provides you with immediate benefits and add-on as needed.  In addition, DISCUS supports advanced functionality, such as support for 3D models, creating in-process inspection plans, and connecting to prime contractor systems.

Support & Service – Enable you to rapidly receive business benefits.  You get to talk to experienced DISCUS personnel who understand manufacturing and quality engineering.  We know that the software is just a tool to help get the job done better and quicker.  We’re here to ensure that you succeed.