Here are a few examples of what our customers have to say about DISCUS:


The amount of time saved and the ability to provide clear results with clean drawings is great with DISCUS Auto Ballooning. When it comes to busy/dimension heavy drawings, Auto Ballooning is going to shine in its ability to save time for anyone who creates inspection reports. – Tyler Gomes, DISCUS Coordinator, STD Precision Gear & Instrument


On behalf of Cortec Precision Sheetmetal, I would like to acknowledge the unequivocal service and support we have consistently received from DISCUS Software Company. 

We are especially delighted to be able to directly communicate with Ms. Rebecca Keller.  Ms. Keller makes every new license sale a pleasant and pleasurable experience.

We also enjoy a pleasant business relationship with Mr. Erol Yalaz for any type of software related questions or support.  Their knowledge and professionalism is a true asset to DISCUS Software Company. 

Both Erol Yalaz and Rebecca Keller represent a very pleasant and thriving business culture of DISCUS Software Company. 

It is important to note that despite our vast operations and demanding support requirements, DISCUS has always been available to solve all of our concerns efficiently and to mutual satisfaction.  Whenever we have contacted DISCUS support for any technical issues, they have been very thorough and detailed in their instructions, as well as follow ups.  They contribute greatly towards our First Article Inspection team’s success.

We look forward to years of prosperous and healthy business relationship with DISCUS Software Company and their wonderful team. – Mark Aldridge, IT Manager, Cortec Precision Sheet Metal


“DISCUS exceeded my customer support expectations and I am very appreciative of their efforts in helping me meet my requirements. Customer support has been consistently prompt and responsive since I joined Satellite Tool and they have made my transition with the software very easy.” – John Salvas, Quality Assurance Manager, Satellite Tool & Machine Co. Inc.


“During my several years in Quality I have used different ballooning software packages and I find DISCUS to be #1 hands down!! The staff is exceptional especially Rebecca. She is an awesome trainer and explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand.  She has a way of making you feel comfortable. She is always there when you have a question and if you need support. I recommend DISCUS to anyone in the field. I can truly say all around you get an exceptional software with an exceptional support staff.  GO DISCUS!” – Cindy A. Gliottone, Quality Manager, HMC Precision Manufacturing, LLC.


“During my research I found that DISCUS is the most mature and easily learned software. It also seems like the standard that others want to achieve and copy.”  – Ed Mackiewicz, Sr Manufacturing Inspector, Moog, Inc.


“We had an urgent requirement to add a second DISCUS Floating License this morning to address critical First Article Requirements with our customers to support month-end shipments. I contacted Rebecca Keller and asked her to expedite the purchase, installation and activation of a second license as quickly as possible. She contacted Erol Yalaz and requested the expedited actions required to support this request.

We completed our on-line purchase at 9:56 AM. Our second license was installed and activated by 10:56 AM, which represents an incredibly prompt response to support our needs as a DISCUS Customer.

 Customer support has been consistently prompt and responsive since the purchase our first license with DISCUS several years ago. Rebecca has arranged numerous web meetings to assist with new user questions and configuration settings. Our move to a new facility, requires us to generate an extensive list of First Articles for re-qualification of all parts produced for both of our major customers. DISCUS software continues to be an integral part of our re-qualification process and also supports our new business.

 Both Rebecca Keller and Erol Yalaz have exceeded our customer support expectations once again and we are very appreciative of their efforts.” Michael Peterson, Quality Assurance Manager, Numet Machining Techniques


“With DISCUS, if a feature is missed it can be inserted and renumbers the features after it. The Net-Inspect import option is invaluable when our customers require it as it allows us to almost completely fill-in the Net-Inspect requirements with only 4 more button clicks. We have also made great use of the options available when customizing our Excel Export file to satisfy different customer specific required fields and information.

Where DISCUS really shines though is in part rolls and part families. Often through replacing a drawing file and updating a few dimensions we can prepare an entire FAI for a similar part in under 10 minutes, and part rolls that require several new features added can have those features seamlessly inserted with almost no effort. I would say the OCR add-on is crucial to get all the time savings DISCUS can offer. The support team has always responded quickly to requests and the on-line training webinars have been very helpful. Even as long term users we normally attend at least one of the training courses after a major upgrade to ensure we are getting the maximum use of new features. The support team has been granting us access to evaluate both the DISCUS 3D and DISCUS CMM add-ons as well before we purchase them to ensure they fulfill our needs.” Kris Watson, Quality Engineer, Weaver Manufacturing


“We are striving to eliminate the amount of time spent transferring PC-DMIS CMM Report results, onto the inspection reports as well as the FAI reports. DISCUS CMM is a great tool for this task, with the new CSV format in the DISCUS CMM module it will become less time consuming to achieve this goal.  We look forward to working with DISCUS.” Alejandra Ortega, CMM Programmer, Magellan Aerospace – Ellanef Mfg. Corp.


“This software tool has saved valuable time in report preparation. By simply ballooning and capturing a feature, the software writes text to the AS9102 form. DISCUS is a great product!” James Bryan, Quality Assurance Inspector, Micro Craft Inc.


“DISCUS takes the potential for human error out of the equation and has checking points to ensure you’re in line with FAI standards.” Joe Murphy, Chairman, Ferco Tech, Inc


“Since we have purchased the DISCUS software we have not only applied DISCUS to our First Article and Final Inspection planning, we have also applied the techniques to our First Piece Inspection program. As a result we as a company have cut our document creation time by 200% which helps keep Aerostar Aerospace at the forefront of American Manufacturing. My customers could not be happier with us because of this, and in turn, we could not be happier with DISCUS. ” Patrick Montgomery, Quality Manager, Aerostar Aerospace Manufacturing


“The DISCUS software solution was introduced during a time when we were performing FAI’s on many complex, rapidly changing assemblies. The AS9102 software helped us accomplish FAI requirements with greater accuracy and improved efficiency. The software is easy to use and readily incorporates customer unique FAI requirements.” Tim Kurnik, Quality Director, Exotic Metals Forming Co. LLC


“I enjoy working with the DISCUS tool and we are reaping the benefits of times savings of at least 50% in creating our FAIs.” Robin G. Parks, Quality Engineer, Barnes Aerospace


“DISCUS has considerably reduced the time we spend on FAIR compilation and we were able to hit target dates for FAIR delivery with ease. DISCUS gives the user the confidence that the FAIR submitted to the customer is Right First Time and we were amazed at how easy and straight forward the software is to use.” Tim Marshall, Quality Team Manager, Esterline Darchem Engineering Ltd


“Some of our AS9102 Forms for First Article Inspections used to take days, but with DISCUS it now only takes hours.” Dave Rogers, Senior Quality Engineer, Therm Incorporated


“Manufacturing now doesn’t have to wait for Quality to do the paperwork; it’s done within hours of receiving a completed process from Engineering. [DISCUS] has shortened cycle times to hours from days resulting in labor savings that paid for DISCUS the first time we used it.” Harry Crossman, Quality Assurance Engineer, Turbine Engine Components Technologies


“DISCUS helped a lot toward getting the FAIs out the door. To tell the truth there was no way that I could have completed three full blown FAIs last week without it.” Keith Moore, Quality Engineer, Precision Components International


“Using DISCUS takes about half the time as it would to create the AS9102 Forms by hand. The ability of adding specification details is a wonderful bonus.” Michael Parsley, Quality Systems Specialist, Precision Systems Mfg., Inc.


“During my DISCUS ROI analysis, we found that the cost of this software will be recouped in 5 weeks in labor savings on first articles. It didn’t take the proverbial ‘rocket scientist’ to figure this one out.” Mark Miscavage, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Unison Engine Components