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Here in our resource pages, you will find all of the information you are looking for about DISCUS Software. Here are the areas covered:

  • Webinars Are you too busy to download, install, and try-out DISCUS on your own? Then sign up for one of our short on-line demo webinars. From the comfort of your own computer, you can see how DISCUS is easy to learn, and how DISCUS will save you time.
  • Online Training These 1 hour training sessions will be an effective tool for you in not only getting started with DISCUS, but learning more about some of the advanced features of the DISCUS Software.
  • PartnersDISCUS Partners are of the following types: Value Added Reseller, Systems Integrator, Complementary Solution and Embedded Techology
  • News and Information – DISCUS Software News and Highlights
  • General FAQ – The frequently asked questions about DISCUS Software.
  • InsightsHere are additional resources and pages of background information regarding DISCUS Software.
  • BlogThe DISCUS Blog allows you to see product videos, get DISCUS and Quality tips, see general news about DISCUS and much more.
  • White PapersDISCUS Whitepapers on Integrating First Article Inspection and Process Planning, plus other information.
  • Upgrade Your LicenseHow to upgrade your node-locked or floating DISCUS license.
  • Boss Kits We recognize that you likely need to review DISCUS with other colleagues and your boss. Thus, we’ve packaged the material to make it easy for you to download and share.
  • AS9102 Free FormsPlease accept our free download of the AS9102 Forms 1, 2 and 3 to help make the AS9102 process a little easier and less time consuming.