DISCUS Special OEM Supply Chain Programs

oem-programsDISCUS is pleased to have these special programs with major OEMs.

Collins Aerospace
In coordination with Collins Aeropsace, DISCUS is pleased to offer the DISCUS-Collins Program.  Read More»

Triumph Group
In coordination with Triumph Group, DISCUS is pleased to offer the DISCUS-Triumph Supplier Program.  Read More»

Rolls Royce has purchased a set of DISCUS licenses for supplier and partner companies throughout the world to use with their Global Supplier Portal E-FAIR application. Read More»

Honeywell Aerospace
In coordination with Honeywell Aerospace, DISCUS is pleased to offer the DISCUS-Honeywell Supplier Program.  Read More»

Pratt & Whitney
In coordination with Pratt & Whitney, supplier companies were offered a special discount on the purchase of any DISCUS licenses. Read More»