Examples of Companies Benefiting from DISCUS

The documents below include various case studies and experience from DISCUS customers. Please feel free to download or you can read the case content below.

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CASE STUDY – DeKING Screw Products – Chatsworth, CA

The return-on-investment for DeKING was made within the first month of using DISCUS!

DeKING Screw Products (DeKINGscrew.com) is a machining company that focuses on providing high-precision parts for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. DeKING is quality-certified for both AS 9100 and ISO 9001 compliance.

In 2017, DeKING determined that a solution was needed for creating inspection reports more efficiently and in less time. After a 30-day trial evaluation, De KING determined that the DISCUS software was the tool that met their needs and elected to implement the software throughout their Quality Department.

CASE STUDY – Pressco Products – Kent, WA

DISCUS helps complete FAI’s 75% faster.

Founded in 1965, Pressco Products (Pressco) is a family owned and operated business with an absolute pledge to complete customer satisfaction and Quality. Priding themselves on quality manufacturing. Pressco specializes in machining, sheet metal fabrication and complex assembly work with their main focus on aerospace and manufacturing.

The implementation of DISCUS was painless for Pressco’s Quality Team due to the resources provided by DISCUS, which offered a Get Started Guide, instructional videos, one-on-one training as well as monthly webinars, plus beginner to advanced training sessions. Pressco’s Management mentioned, still to this day, onboarding new personnel and implanting DISCUS into their workload has been remarkably simple. The resources DISCUS provides with an active support and maintenance agreement made the process of getting started with DISCUS for new personnel, painless.

CASE STUDY – W Machine Works Inc. – San Fernando, CA

DISCUS helps a small company get a 5X return on investment in the first year of use.

W Machine Works (www.thewmw.com) is an AS9100 certified CNC contract manufacturer based in Southern California with 40 employees. W Machine’s customers include some of the best known companies in the aerospace industry, including Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and GKN. The parts made by W Machine range from bolt carriers to assembly housings. With the quantity of orders that W Machine receives, they average over 500 first article inspection reports per year in multiple formats.

The management of W Machine knew that the business process for complying with AS9102 was very labor intensive. The time involved printing the drawing, ballooning the drawing manually and entering the requirements information into an Excel spreadsheet. Each part took nearly 90 minutes of labor for each first article inspection report.

W Machine evaluated DISCUS and determined that it could greatly reduce the labor effort in the AS9102 business process. W Machine performed their own detailed cost benefit analysis and came to the conclusion that the purchase of DISCUS for less than $3,000 helped them save nearly $15,000 in labor cost during the course of the year.

W Machine uses DISCUS in stand-alone mode as well as integrated with Net-Inspect for those companies with a web-based characteristic accountability system.

CASE STUDY – TECT Corporation – Newington, CT

DISCUS has shortened cycle times to hours from days resulting in huge labor savings.

TECT Corporation (www.tectcorp.com) is one of the largest non-OEM manufacturers of static and rotating components and assemblies for the aerospace industry. TECT customers include the major engine and airframe manufacturers. TECY has an increasing portfolio of corporate-wide systems for desktop application delivery and other IT services, ERP, payroll, sales and quality infrastructure. The TECT Newington location is a plant of over 380,000 square fee delivering complex parts around the world.

TECT began a project to improve the approach for complying with AS9102 First Article Inspections. One major concern was finding a tool to manage the electronic drawings and specifications so the data could be integrated with a future ERP system and on the web. After performing an evaluation of competing tools, TECT selected DISCUS and purchased multiple licenses through a successful DISCUS integrator, Renaissance Services.

TECY uses DISCUS to electronically balloon TIFF files and PDF documents to create AS9102 dimensional reports in Microsoft Excel wit the corresponding drawings as ballooned PDF documents. DISCUS has streamlined the TECT business processes and provided immediate cost savings.

TECT Manufacturing now doesn’t have to wait for Quality to complete all of the necessary paperwork; it’s done within hours of receiving a completed process from Engineering. The ability to reuse AS9102-compliant data within a structured, yet flexible tool allows TECT to adapt the information to match their needs. The bottom line: DISCUS provided immediate benefits.

CASE STUDY – Precision Systems Manufacturing Inc. – Liverpool, NY

DISCUS has helped reduce the time for AS9102 compliance at PSMI by at least 50%.

Precision Systems Manufacturing Inc. (www.psmi.com) has grown from a small tool and die shop in the mid 1940’s to over 80 employees and 40,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space. PSMI has expanded into a complete manufacturing company encompassing machining, sheet metal, welding and assembly. PSMI’s customers include Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Syracuse Research.

The management of PSMI knew that the process for AS9102 compliance was very involved and labor intensive. PSMI recognized that there was a lot of documentation required to comply with this specification. At PSMI, the ballooning of a drawing and the creating of an inspection report, particularly a drawing with many dimensions, would typically take a few hours to complete.

PSMI got a sales call from DISCUS Software Company to try the DISCUS software for AS9102. PSMI’s Quality Systems Technician tried the software and was absolutely amazed at the capabilities and ease of use. PSMI fell in love with the idea of a software product actually being able to create a ballooned drawing and then create an AS9102 First Article Inspection document. The fact that quality personnel at PSMI were able to reduce the time required to generate these documents by nearly half, easily persuaded PSMI management to purchase the DISCUS software.

PSMI has been using DISCUS since February 2008, and they’ve discovered that their customers are also happy with the output from the software tool.