Quickly create your ballooned drawings and FAI forms

Aerospace, automotive, and  medical are industries that are governed by strict requirements for  manufacturing and quality assurance.  All  three industries require a First Article Inspection (FAI) as part of the  detailed verification of production results versus product design before  on-going manufacturing begins.


Since the FAI involves a complete review of all part characteristics, it involves manufacturing engineers and quality engineers reviewing the Technical Data Package (TDP – part drawings, specifications, etc). This is a very laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone effort. In fact, it is not uncommon for a company to expend 24 hours of labor to complete a single FAI. Learn more about FAI Here.

The DISCUS family of products is specifically designed to enable you to organize the TDP and capture those part characteristics much more efficiently for the setup of the FAI. DISCUS has a panel for analyzing and extracting characteristics from the drawing or model, as well as from the specifications. DISCUS generates the list of part-specific characteristics and creates associated ballooned illustrations.

The DISCUS solution for FAI enables compliance with AS9102, PPAP, or Part 820. Naturally, the FAI solution starts with DISCUS Desktop, but it can be further configured to meet your specific business situation. For example, if you are providing reports to a customer’s web-based FAI system, you may be interested in adding DISCUS Results to enable your team to be more efficient. If you have customers that are sharing CAD models, you may be more interested in adding the DISCUS 3D Data Management module to maximize your FAI productivity. The use of DISCUS for FAI has reduced the time involved for FAI by upwards of 50%.

The most common solutions for FAI consist of selected DISCUS modules packaged into bundles:

2D FAI Suite – DISCUS Desktop with DISCUS OCR and DISCUS Results add-ons

3D FAI Suite – DISCUS Desktop with DISCUS 3D add-ons

You can learn more about the specific DISCUS modules on the Products page, and you can review the pricing for the discounted bundles on the Pricing page.