Quickly create detailed work instructions with illustrations.

Aerospace, automotive, and  medical are industries that are governed by strict requirements for  manufacturing and quality assurance.  As  a result, manufacturers place a great deal of emphasis on creating detailed  process planning documentation.

3D Process Planning Suite, DISCUS Desktop with DISCUS 3D and DISCUS Planner add-ons

In most companies, manufacturing engineers, process engineers, and quality engineers use a variety of ad hoc tools to create the manufacturing planning. A typical scenario for process planning begins when an engineer uses a complex and expensive CAD tool to analyze the part and extract pertinent details. The engineer then types notes and calculations in Excel and Word, and later uses standard desktop software tools such as PowerPoint or Paint to create manufacturing documentation. Finally, the engineer enters the necessary salient data (operations, work centers, durations, etc.) into the ERP system.

The effort for process planning, similar to the creation of FAIs, is resource intensive with a high likelihood of errors and omissions. Ensuring that every part characteristic from the Technical Data Package (TDP) is addressed and validated during production is an important objective of process planning—but it has remained an elusive one.

The DISCUS solution for process planning uses the drawing/model and the Bill of Characteristics to generate a structured and fully completed set of manufacturing documentation. This includes a summary routing – and for each operation – the work instructions, inspection sheets, and process illustrations. In addition to these primary features, DISCUS Planner automatically generates an operations analysis to indicate characteristics where-used and “delta” values by operation. This helps to reduce errors by ensuring that all characteristics are addressed during the specific manufacturing steps. The use of DISCUS Planner has reduced the time involved in creating manufacturing planning documentation by upwards of 50%.

The DISCUS solution for process planning involves three DISCUS modules packaged into a bundle:

3D Process Planning Suite  – DISCUS Desktop with DISCUS 3D and DISCUS Planner add-ons

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