Interrogate the native 3D CAD model (CATIA, Pro/E, NX) and annotations to automatically identify characteristics and illustrations.

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  • Open and interrogate native 3D CAD models without the need to use the expensive CAD software.
  • Leverage the DISCUS algorithms that automatically identify characteristics and balloon models that have been annotated.
  • Use the capabilities created specifically for non-CAD users such as automatic entity and thickness information.
  • Operate in the familiar DISCUS user interface to enable maximum productivity for users supporting either 2D or 3D TDPs.

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  • Reduces time and labor to understand 3D CAD models and identify the associated characteristics.
  • Reduces the labor to identify common characteristics that are not addressed specifically by PMI, such as thickness.
  • Ensures that 3D view of a part is sensible to shop users that are accustomed to simple 2D drawings.
  • Provides means for sharing characteristic requirements in the 3D model-based enterprise.

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