Collaborate with suppliers on the TDP and manage technical performance

Aerospace, automotive, and medical have all increased the amount of production that is subcontracted into the supply chain. As a result, there is a growing need for making the management of supplier technical performance much more effective and efficient.

Most companies attempt to manage the supply chain by having field engineers traveling to visit their suppliers to track performance. Technical information is exchanged by sending FedEx packages and emails of PDF and XLS files.

With the advent of formal requirements for FAI and PPAP, the amount of documentation flowing back and forth from suppliers to your company becomes unmanageable. In addition, many of the production readiness reviews lack a careful review of the complete set of the part’s requirements.

The DISCUS solution for supplier management uses DISCUS Desktop along with DISCUS Connect for a completely integrated and seamless solution. For example, the TDP and the FAI are created in DISCUS Desktop and transparently saved on a server used by DISCUS Connect. DISCUS Connect provides all of the real-time status tracking, as well as workflow management,

DISCUS supports both a ‘push’ as well as a ‘pull’ approach for collaboration between customer and suppliers. That is, your company or the supplier can take principal responsibility for creating the intelligent Tech Data Package.

This DISCUS Desktop and DISCUS Connect combination is very powerful for managing supplier FAIs or the more extensive PPAP.

The DISCUS solution for supplier management involves DISCUS modules packaged into a bundle:

Supplier Management Suite – DISCUS Desktop with DISCUS IDA™ and DISCUS Results add-ons; DISCUS Connect with DISCUS Collaborator add-on.

You can learn more about the specific DISCUS modules on the Products page, and you can review the pricing for the discounted bundles on the Pricing page.