Accelerating Manufacturing & Quality Engineering

If you’re involved in manufacturing engineering or quality assurance, you know that there are many activities that require you to review the details of the 3D model, 2D drawing, and the material & process specifications. DISCUS does more than just show you a view of a part. DISCUS helps you to identify the specific part features and characteristics, and to quickly create artifacts for completing your job.

DISCUS helps you greatly reduce the time for efforts such as first article inspection, inspection planning, process planning, producibility analysis, and supplier management (described in greater detail on the Solutions pages). Users of DISCUS have reduced their time and labor by up to 90% (described in greater detail on the Testimonial pages).

Go to the DISCUS Desktop pages to learn more about the tools for individual users running on a Windows computer or learn about the web-based platform and the iTDP Server on the DISCUS Connect pages.