DISCUS Software is proud to announce our latest software update, DISCUS Desktop 10.1. The DISCUS Desktop software tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete First Article Inspection, in-process inspection planning and process planning.

DISCUS 10.1 responds to the feedback DISCUS has received from our extensive customer base and addresses critical issues found in DISCUS 10.0.2.

With DISCUS 10.1, users will experience faster and more reliable ballooning of drawings. See below for the more detailed list:

New Features

  • Auto Save – Added time-based Auto Save functionality which will automatically save the TDP in the \backup sub-directory based on a configurable time interval.
  • Copy and Paste Multiple Characteristics – Added the ability to copy and paste selections of multiple characteristics on the drawing panel, including selections which contain sub-characteristics.
  • Password Protected PDF’s – Added support for some password protected PDF files.
  • DISCUS 3D Illustration Manager – Added the ability to undock the Illustration Manager in the DISCUS 3D add-on module.
  • DISCUS 3D Illustration Integration with Net-Inspect – Added the ability to export 3D illustrations using the Net-Inspect integration when the DISCUS 3D add-on module is enabled and TDP contains a model.


  • Net-Inspect Integration – Improvements in Net-Inspect upload for characteristic properties
  • Improved Tiff Support –Areas and coordinates of the requirement images improved on .tiff drawings
  • Various product enhancements – Based on user feedback and suggestions.

DISCUS customer Michael Parsley from Precision Systems Mfg Inc. said “As a customer of DISCUS for over 10 years, I have witnessed the many developments and great features of DISCUS. It is great to work with a software company that understands the needs of the customer and not just the nuts and bolts of how software works. The DISCUS team knows exactly what we want in an inspection software and they once again, delivered. DISCUS 10 not only has a sharp and modern new look, but has some great new features, like the ability to undock the bill of characteristics, move balloons whenever I want and the settings in one place. These are just a few of the new features! This makes the software even easier to use and I am sure those new to DISCUS will find it a great tool, easy to use and fast. Bravo DISCUS 10!”

To try out DISCUS 10.1, download the free trial installer.

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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