The Frequently Asked Questions about DISCUS usage with the Rolls-Royce E-FAIR Net-Inspect

How do I upgrade to a new DISCUS release (ie 8.0)?

To upgrade to DISCUS 8.0 release:

  1. Go thru the DISCUS for Rolls-Royce registration process again, page DISCUS Rolls-Royce E-FAIR Download Registration for companies NOT located in North America, Canada or South America or page DISCUS Rolls-Royce E-FAIR Download Registration for North America, Canada or South America and download the newest DISCUS release for Rolls-Royce suppliers/partners.
  2. Run the downloaded install program. This will uninstall your current version of DISCUS then install the new version.

To use the improved Net-Inspect FAI import enhancements, when you Export the BOC to Excel, you need to select the “DISCUS 400 NI FAI Import Template” or the “DISCUS 410 NI FAI Import Template” template on the Export BOC to Excel window if it is not already pre-selected. This will eliminate the need to press ctrl-m to run a macro after opening the Excel file. You can also fill in the Form 1 Part List and the Form 2 Accountability information in DISCUS and it will automatically populate Net-Inspect.

Important Note: Typically the new functions within a new release required us to change the structure of the DISCUS TDP dis file. This means that TDPs created or saved with the new version cannot be opened with older version of DISCUS. Therefore, if it is common for multiple users within your organization to share TDPs, to minimize disruption, your organization’s users need to collectively, as a group, upgrade to the new release in the same time period.

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Are there any training sessions for DISCUS 8.0?

Yes. DISCUS would like to invite you to a free online training session for the new release. You can see the current schedule of training sessions at the following link Training Webinars. Please sign up for one of these informative webinars to quickly learn the new features of DISCUS 8.0.

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How can I get the best results using DISCUS OCR?

Please review the DISCUS OCR Tutorial for DISCUS OCR details and best practices. You can also review the help information within DISCUS by selecting menu item Help, DISCUS Help

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How do I load data into the Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal E-FAIR Net-Inspect application?

Please review the DISCUS Rolls-Royce E-FAIR Guide

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What is the “Your license is for DISCUS 4.x… please upgrade your installed software soon” message about?

In order to allow DISCUS users of the Rolls-Royce supply chain license who want to upgrade to 4.0 to do so, the Rolls-Royce license keys have been enabled for 4.x. As a result, users of the license key still using DISCUS 3.5.1 will receive this informational message. Upgrading to 4.0 is optional. Users that decide not to upgrade can simply dismiss and ignore this message and continue to use DISCUS 3.5.1

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How do I determine which DISCUS version I have installed?

Launch DISCUS and dismiss any startup messages. Select the menu item Help, About DISCUS… and the About DISCUS window will display. The DISCUS version is displayed in the lower left corner of the window.

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How do I fill in FAIR Form 1, Index of Assembly Parts information?

Using DISCUS 8.0, select the menu item TDP, Parts List (Or Control-L) which displays the Part List window. Select Add, Edit or Delete to edit the Parts List.

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Can I import a list of parts into DISCUS?

Yes. Using DISCUS 8.0:

  1. Select the menu item File, Parts List…, which displays the Part List window.
  2. Select the Import From File… button.
  3. Browse to and select the input file.
  4. The input file must be in the following format.
    part_number,part_name,serial_number,supplier,fai_report_number,find number
    12345,bracket5,34567,Supplier One,9877,1
    12346,bracket6,34568,Supplier Two,9878,2
    12347,bracket7,34569,Supplier Three,9879,3

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How do I fill in Form 2, Product Accountability information?

Using DISCUS 8.0, select menu item File, File, Material/Process List…, which displays the Material/Process List window. Select Add, Edit or Delete to edit the Material/Process List.

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How do I switch DISCUS to use the Rolls-Royced supplied license key?

Plese review the DISCUS Rolls-Royce License Guidance page.

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