DISCUS Connect includes the iTDP Server for storing in a centralized location all of a part’s requirements and results at a characteristic level of detail. DISCUS Connect also provides a web interface into the DISCUS data for managing performance, reviewing the iTDP, and approving associated results. DISCUS Connect enables companies to:

  • Collaborate – Reduce time by easily sharing the intelligent Tech Data Package with other departments and your external suppliers
  • Analyze – Review the digital dashboard for status of manufacturing and quality planning in real-time with key performance metrics
  • Integrate – Further increase the efficiency of your manufacturing and quality engineering by integrating the DISCUS iTDP with systems such as ERP
  • Streamline – Ensure consistency in your manufacturing and quality planning processes with status tracking, workflow notifications, etc.

DISCUS Desktop provides the rich set of tools for characteristic identification and ballooning as part of creating the intelligent Technical Data Package. With DISCUS Connect, instead of using a local file saved on the computer workstation, a DISCUS Desktop user can seamlessly open and save all of their work on the iTDP Server.

With any common web browser, a DISCUS Connect user can login to the iTDP Server and review their dashboard for workflow events, performance status, etc. A DISCUS Connect user can also review and approve the requirements and results about a specific part or FAI, including the Bill of Documents, Bill of Characteristics, etc.

DISCUS Connect can be used by companies both large and small. A large company that wants to improve the management of technical and quality information in their supply chain can deploy a complete DISCUS Desktop and DISCUS Connect solution for their internal departments as well as their suppliers. DISCUS Connect provides the platform for the company’s supplier management personnel to manage the flow-down of requirements as well as the completion of quality activities such as first article inspection.

Many companies have tried to adapt their ERP system or quality management software to enable characteristic management. It’s been relatively expensive and clumsy, but most importantly, the web-based tools have not necessarily helped the suppliers to be more efficient.

With a DISCUS Desktop & Connect solution, the users get a rich user interface for working efficiently with the 3D CAD models and 2D drawings, and the analysis and information is seamlessly saved in the iTDP Server. This provides a very clear cost-benefit from a tool created for specific manufacturing and quality engineering tasks.