A more detailed listing of features and benefits appears below:

DISCUS Desktop Feature Pertinent Business Benefit
Manage multiple drawings and documents for a Tech Data Package Helps reduce quality escapes that come from overlooking requirements
Opens files in native PDF and TIFF formats Supports common formats used to share electronic drawings and specs. No data conversion necessary
Multi-panel user interface with links for the TDP Provides intuitive interface to view the source and relationships of requirements
Drop and drag to easily balloon 2D drawing Allows for very efficient identification and disposition of characteristics
Customizable balloon numbering with groups Supports balloon identification that is consistent with existing systems
Extract requirements from other documents such as specs Enables the explicit inclusion of requirements from specifications
Capture characteristic requirements as an image Minimizes manual data entry by capturing annotations in an image format
Capture characteristic requirements in structured format Enables formatting of requirements for semantically-enriched downstream use
Copy, paste, and duplicate characteristics and balloons Provides even greater efficiency in characteristic identification
Customizable balloon properties such as shapes, sizes, and colors Enables support of company and/or customer-specific formats
Customizable drawing grid layout Minimizes manual data entry by automatically capturing sheet and zone
Text markup of drawing along with leader lines Improves communication by allowing customized information to appear on drawing
Generates a customizable Bill of Characteristics Consolidates all requirements into accountability check list, keeping drawing and inspection sheet in sync
Saved profiles for efficiently supporting multiple customers Enables quick configuration to support multiple customer formats.  Use same tool for all customers
Export Bill of Characteristics to customizable Excel reports Provides format for additional downstream applications such as inspection sheets, setup sheets, etc.
Certified to export to FAI systems at Lockheed, Rolls, GE, Pratt Reduces time and labor to submit first article inspection data to customers
Export ballooned drawing to PDF Captures ballooning information in a very professional and easy-to-share format
Simple installation and configuration Reduces the cost associated with having an IT or computer specialist get it up and running