The Ultimate Solution for Optimizing FAI Processes

Use IDA® to help extract characteristics from drawing images and specification documents


  • IDA® allows users to automatically balloon an entire drawing page or specific areas in just a few clicks. This technology is groundbreaking in the world of 2D PDF and TIFF drawings.
  • Extract structured requirements and more from drawing and specification documents using the leading our proprietary IDA® technology.
  • Make the ballooning process even more efficient with the advanced capabilities of optical character recognition.

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  • Reduces the time it takes to produce a First Article Inspection (AS9102, PPAP, Part 820) and ballooned drawing by up to 90% with IDA®
  • Reduces data entry labor and errors with automatic recognition of notes, dimensions, and annotations from drawings
  • Reduces data entry labor and errors by extracting requirements from material & process specifications.
  • Improves ballooning productivity by helping to quickly identify areas where ambiguity exists in the requirements.

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