DISCUS OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an add-on for DISCUS Desktop that enables the extraction of text from your image drawing using the leading OCR engine, OmniPage from Nuance.

document_20_4_162DISCUS OCR uses the RADAR™ recognition algorithm to automatically populate characteristic requirement data. When the original drawings are clear, RADAR enables the quick structuring of toleranced dimensions, not just text notes. DISCUS OCR provides you with control of the recognition process by allowing you to rotate and scale images before the recognition algorithm goes to work.

When DISCUS OCR is installed, it will add automation to the drop-and-drag functionality of DISCUS. For example, if you have dropped a balloon and then dragged a snap rectangle around a dimensional annotation, DISCUS OCR will evaluate the snapped image and suggest the structured version of the characteristic – that is, the characteristic type, data type, nominal value, tolerance value, etc. Using DISCUS OCR with clean drawings adds further productivity enhancements to the DISCUS characteristic identification process, saving even more time and labor.