DISCUS Tech Data PackageIf you are a supplier to another manufacturer I am sure none of the requirement statements below will be new to you. The question is how are you doing meeting them.

It is preferred that all suppliers have a Quality Management System that meets the intent of  (XXXX)

Supplier shall implement and maintain a Quality Management System, which complies with the applicable Quality System standard or specifications.

The Supplier shall maintain a documented procedure for record creation, change (handwritten or other),  completion and control of Quality records in accordance with the applicable Quality System standard.

Suppliers must have a robust process for maintaining records consistent with the requirements of the products they deliver and the industries they serve.

The Supplier shall make known a person to Company, who will have the necessary authority to assume responsibility for product quality.

The Supplier shall determine and provide the resources needed to maintain the quality system and continually improve its effectiveness, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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