DISCUS Software Feature/Benfit COmpetitive GuideAre you in the decision making process headed toward selecting software to help you with your quality engineering challenges?

If so then this guide may help, we cover all 5 of our modules, desktop, OCR, Results, CMM, 3D and Planner, we outline over 55 different features and discuss each of the related benefits and how our competitors stack up against them.

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Here a few example benefits you can learn more about with this guide:

  • Reduces the effort to coordinate characteristic planning with other systems such as ERP
  • Ensures that all characteristics are being properly defined throughout the production lifecycle
  • Reduce the time and labor to create comprehensive process planning documentation
  • Enables the rapid creation of a customer-acceptable report from a CMM Report
  • Supports most common formats used to share CAD models. No CAD software or data conversion necessary

These and over 50 more benefits are outlined to aid in your decision making process.

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