From our recent White Paper:  Top 5 Quality Goals for Aerospace Manufacturers 

AS9102 Rev B Quality ProcessGoal #1: Master AS9102 Revision B Requirements

AS9102 Revision B was released over a year ago and immediately aerospace suppliers not only needed to obtain this new standard, understand the new requirements, but they also had to comply to these requirements without ambiguity. But for many suppliers, ascertaining the details of the standard and adhering to them became an exercise in reading and re-reading the standard and making sure the documentation they were providing was complete before sending the reports to their customer. The likelihood of rejecting the report, just because required information was missed, became an annoying and time consuming exercise.

It’s Time to Use Software

An FAI software that can take the burden of compliance off the backs of suppliers should be a primary goal for any company that must adhere to the detailed standard. With a software that automatically alerts users to errors in compliance, in just two clicks, is a no-nonsense way to find the discrepancies, correct them and send the accurate and compliant output to the customer in a matter of minutes. The goal of first pass report acceptance can be a reality with this software. DISCUS Software Company, for 10 years, has built into the solution an expertise in AS9102 requirements and has generously shared this knowledge with all aerospace suppliers.

According to one Aerospace Supplier in Arizona

“We were required to use AS9102 Rev B and since we were new to the aerospace industry, we spent a lot of time just figuring out the forms. We downloaded the free form from DISCUS and a consultant called and explained the requirements. Then we used their 30-day free evaluation and said good-bye to all our outdated and tedious manual methods. Instead of days creating the forms, we can do it in a matter of hours and are assured that we are in compliance. Our customer cannot believe we have not been doing aerospace work for years. DISCUS helped us bridge the gap between AS9102 Rev B as a novice and expert in a matter of days. The software paid for itself with the first FAI!”

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