We are pleased to announce that DISCUS 5.2 is released and available for download.

Key Enhancements in this release include:

  • DISCUS CMM Supports CSV Imports – DISCUS CMM now supports virtually all CMM output reports. So, whether you’re using PC-DMIS, Calypso, FARO or another CMM software package you should try DISCUS CMM to help streamline your inspection report creation activities. The expanded ‘Add CMM Report’ function allows you to use .csv (comma separated / delimited) files – so, if your CMM report data can be created in MS Excel or CSV format, you can now use DISCUS CMM!
  • The Open / Add / Save Dialog Windows have been revamped – These windows now reflect the traditional Windows-based dialog and support the quick loading of directories with large numbers of files and folders, along with other standard features such as listing, searching, sorting and the ability to create new folders.
  • Set the Default Data Type for Characteristic Types – Want to control whether a Diameter dimension gets automatically set to Range, Single Value or Tolerance? Now you can! Just check the option in the Characteristic Properties window to set and control your own default settings!
  • Set the Sheet Number on Your Own – If your drawing sheets are actually separate files or if there’s a cover sheet, you can manually override the assigned sheet number which appears in the Location column and in the eventual exported inspection sheet.