We are pleased to announce DISCUS 6.1 is released and available for download.

DISCUS 6.1 is an upgrade that includes enhancements to all DISCUS products. This release is packed with new features and improvements based primarily on the valued feedback of our customers. We are happy to announce the following features and want to thank our customers for great ideas!

  • Change individual balloon colors:  In addition to changing shape and size of selected balloons, now users can change the color of any balloon on the Requirement view via the Balloon Properties box.
  • Retain default for Metric or English. If you set the TDP to metric for example, this UOM is retained for the next TDP.
  • Retain Group Data: Once you set up your groups for a TDP, that group data is retained for future TDPs. No need to reenter or designate groups ever again.
  • Retain Operators for Characteristic Types: If you indicate, for example, Linear Basic is < or = to, just set that is the default, so each Linear Basic thereafter will retain those operators.
  • Added  Range Values for Results:  Enter the values with a space and/or with hyphens.  Your choice!
  • More OCR Patterns:  OCR in DISCUS can recognize stacked dimensions, TIR for total run out, such as 1.24 TIR and Radius after the value, such as 1.12 R
  • Re-designed TDP  Menu bar: We moved the most common ballooning icons to the Drawing Panel menu bar for ease of use, such as Flag Notes.
  • Improved Flag Notes:  Flag Notes are moveable and delete-able, plus users can change Flag Note colors and apply Flag Note leader lines easily. Plus Flag Notes are automatically applied to Revisions and Replace Drawings. Plus duplicate Flag notes are detected for enhanced error proofing.
  • Improved  DISCUS CMM:  CMM can Auto fill Designed Tooling and other report fields in one click, assign range values for results and apply CMM to the 3D. Plus DISCUS CMM supports European standards for comma instead of decimal values. CMM complements your FAI solution. Users can also right-click the spec window to easily access the CMM function with a CMM license.
  • Enhanced 3D:  Change the font and color of text markup, ability to add a 3D PDF to the TDP, and improvements to the thickness measuring tool. 3D users can now select a third distance from datum reference.
  • More Excel Export Improvements: Better borders, colors for result status and row height. Now you can export to  Prolink.
  • More tokens!  ${boc_LSL} token now recalculates lower limits for Tolerance Designation negative numbers. Plus custom TDP Additional Report fields can be configured with TDP tokens. For example,  ${tdpFieldName}. If you want to have Prepared By in the FAI Excel output, use the token ${tdpPreparedBy}.
  • Package all TDP Documents: All the items in your TDP Bill of Documents are included in the zip file so you can archive a complete TDP.

To try out DISCUS 6.1, download the free trial installer.

To try out DISCUS 3D or ask us questions contact us and we’ll get right back to you.