DISCUS at 2012 Hamilton Sundstrand Supplier Symposium

Columbus, Ohio – DISCUS Software Company, a global leader in software tools for manufacturing engineering and quality planning, announced today that the company will be present at the 2012 Hamilton Sunstrand Supplier Symposium at the Catamaran Resort & Hotel in San Diego, California. The Hamilton Sunstrand Supplier Symposium is an annual conference with over one hundred supplier companies expected to attend each day. DISCUS will be demonstrating our desktop product set and answering questions and providing literature for the entire product set. DISCUS will be showcasing its latest release, DISCUS 5.2 and its new CMM CSV data importing capabilities along with its recognized easy to use, fast process for producing professional First Article Inspection (FAI) reports. DISCUS is pleased to be present at the supplier symposium and for the opportunity to show Hamilton Sunstrand suppliers the product set Hamilton is using internally for its First Article Inspection (FAI) reporting.

About DISCUS Software
The DISCUS product family is the leading tool set for reducing the time and labor for first article inspection, inspection planning, process planning, and producibility analysis. DISCUS software tools are used by more than 800 organizations, ranging from large companies such as Lockheed, Raytheon, and Rolls Royce to members of the supply chain such as Barnes Aerospace, Triumph, and Turner Medical. DISCUS may be found on the web at: http://discus.wpengine.com, or twitter.com/DISCUS_software