Announcing DISCUS 4.1 – Key Enhancements

  • GD&T and Other Symbols Supported
  • Need to reference Geometric Tolerances or other special symbols? Now, you can do this with the GD&T BOC column and the new GD&T Editor. The GD&T Editor can be used to define geometric tolerances, fill out the compartments of a feature control frame or use in free form mode to add other special symbols. This information fills out the GD&T column of the Bill of Characteristics (BoC) table, can be used to help define the Structured Requirement and ultimately, can be exported to an Excel inspection sheet as well as uploaded to Net-inspect.
  • DISCUS Export to AS9102 Form 1
  • Under the File menu, click the Parts List function. Then enter components parts data in the new Parts List window for assemblies. Upon export to Excel and, new in 4.1, export to Net-Inspect, this data displays on Form 1.
  • DISCUS Export to AS9102 Form 2
  • Under the File menu, click the Material and Process item. Then enter product accountability data. When you export to Excel or now with DISCUS 4.1 to Net-Inspect, this data fills in Form 2.