CMM to FAI Capability

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Are being buried with loads of paper technical documents, drawings and specifications?

Is it time consuming to prepare the necessary inspection reports such as First Article reports?

If so DISCUS Software can help you…

With DISCUS you can open, arrange and manage the various documents of a TDP (Technical Data Package) and easily drag and drop balloons or bubbles onto a document such as a PDF drawing in order to identify characteristics like dimensions and notes.

Captured images along with structured data as well as results can be exported to inspection sheets inside excel. DISCUS can export to a variety of Excel templates for FAI’s or general inspection sheets. Then to accompany the inspection sheet we can export the balloon drawing to a PDF file.         Need Free Usable AS9102 Forms? – Get Them Here

We have great add-on modules as well like DISCUS OCR or Optical Character Recognition which assists with requirement entry. DISCUS Results where you can enter actual measurement results and DISCUS Planner where we can organize things at the operational level and generate in-process inspection sheets and process plans and DISCUS 3D where you can work with 3D CAD models.

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