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Watch DISCUS Planner in Action

With DISCUS Planner you are able to apply an existing Technical Data Package (TDP) created in DISCUS Basic in order to manage the characteristics at an operational level.

From there you can generate a complete set of manufacturing planning documentation. Characteristics in the various application display panels can be assigned work instructions.

The final output for DISCUS Planner is a structured and complete set of manufacturing planning documents. This includes summary routing and for each operation the work instructions, inspections sheets and process illustrations.

Here are a few of the benefits of the DISCUS Planner module:

  • Reduces the time and effort to create detailed setup verification and operation inspection sheets.
  • Provides efficiencies by using the same process/tools for FAI as well as inspection planning.
  • Creates detailed documentation for each operation, including instructions and illustrations.
  • Reconciles the assignment of characteristics by operation, including any changes in values.

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