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Manage the Technical Data Package (TDP) and identify characteristics and requirements from 2D drawings and specification documents.

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DISCUS Desktop is a premiere characteristic identification and management software solution. It is the foundational module for all DISCUS tools that operate on a Windows workstation. Other DISCUS modules can be added to provide extra functionality, but can be viewed as optional add-ons to DISCUS Desktop.

The focus of DISCUS centers on a technical data package, or TDP. You can think of a TDP as the collection of requirement documents which describes the component part or assembly. With DISCUS Desktop, you can create and manage TDPs, as well as manage multiple documents containing the characteristics that must be identified within a TDP.

DISCUS Desktop was made to save you time. Rather than manually typing requirements in and ballooning documents and drawings, DISCUS Desktop gives you the tools to identify and tag characteristics and requirements with ease. In addition, DISCUS Desktop allows you to produce a master list of requirements through the Bill of Characteristics (BoC).

The interface of DISCUS Desktop includes the Drawing Panel, the Specification Panel, and the Bill of Characteristics Panel.

The Drawing Panel is where we can open the primary requirement document and drop balloons.

The Specification Panel is a complementary window in which we can open supporting requirement documents. Documents opened in either the Drawing Panel or Specification Panel must be PDF or TIF files.

The Bill of Characteristics Panel is a list of the characteristic requirements that you have identified. Ultimately, this information will be exported into our inspection report.

When drawings are added to DISCUS Desktop, a variety of functions can be performed. For example, you can add a Zone-Good overlay or customize the settings of the balloons, such as the shape and their size.

When in balloon mode, the drag-and-drop method is an easy way to drop a balloon and create a characteristic. Each characteristic you create is automatically hyper-linked to a row in the Bill of Characteristics table. Characteristic details can be entered directly in the Bill of Characteristics table.

To identify additional sub-requirements, such as those from specifications or other requirement documents, we can do so by opening and working with the document in the Specification panel.

When finished, both the characteristic requirements and measurement results can be exported into an Excel Inspection sheet. The cell output can be customized using various templates. And to accompany the Inspection sheet, we can output a PDF file of the balloon drawing.

To see a visual demonstration of how DISCUS Desktop functions, watch the DISCUS Desktop video.