Extending the intelligent TDP to the supply chain

DISCUS Connect acts as a companion to DISCUS Desktop to enable more complete collaboration. For example, if you have these interests, Connect is a candidate for your consideration:

  • Manage the technical performance of your supply chain
  • Make your technical data and inspection reports easier to share
  • Review plans, status, and results of quality in real-time
  • Increase your efficiency with integration to systems such as ERP
  • Streamline your internal manufacturing and quality planning processes

The server-based DISCUS provides various modules to enable you to cost-effectively add capabilities as you need them:

DISCUS Connect is the foundation module for server operation that includes the iTDP Server and the primary web pages for the TDP and FAI.

You can maintain and access the Technical Data Package (TDP) and the inspection reports on the Server for web collaboration.


  • Secure and scalable iTDP Server for maintaining all of the information created via DISCUS Desktop.
  • Seamless integration to DISCUS Desktop to allow the saving and restoring of ballooned drawings, bill of characteristics, bill of documents, etc.
  • Intuitive web pages for exploring the TDPs, inspection reports, supplier performance, and basic reporting.

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  • Ensures that you operate with controlled data access and avoids having individual files scattered across the network.
  • Enables you to share the intelligent TDP with other departments and your suppliers for easy collaboration and review.
  • Allows your quality engineers to login from anywhere to determine status of their suppliers as well as review and approve their reports.

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