Rolls-Royce Suppliers & Partners

Welcome to the DISCUS for the Rolls-Royce Suppliers and Partners web pages.

Rolls-Royce has purchased licenses of DISCUS for supplier and partner companies to use to load First Article Inspection Reports into the Rolls-Royce electronic FAIR application (Net-inspect).

These web pages are your resource for DISCUS information associated with the Rolls-Royce E-FAIR application. If you don’t find the answers to your DISCUS – E-FAIR questions here, contact:

To download a copy of DISCUS CLICK HERE

  • To obtain the Rolls-Royce Licence Key please consult your MEP, supplier brochure or alternatively contact [email protected]

Rolls-Royce E-FAIR Self Help

Please find some useful information to the questions you may have below:


How do I export to Net-Inspect?

Direct Export to Net-Inspect:

File Menu → Export → BoC/Drawing to Net-Inspect → Enter your Net-Inspect Credentials → (select any options you require) → Select Ok.

Discus will then return the Net-Inspect FAIr number, make a note of this before logging in to Net-Inspect.

Export to Excel:

File Menu → Export → Report using template to excel → Allocate excel template (Discus-410 NI FAI Import Template.xls) → Browse for your output file (where you wish to output the file to) → Select Export

Once exported log in to Net-Inspect First Articles → Data import/export → import → FAIR → From Excel.  You will then need to follow the on screen instructions.

Important Note: Typically the new functions within a new release require us to change the structure of the DISCUS TDP dis file. This means that TDPs created or saved with the new version cannot be opened with older version of DISCUS. Therefore, if it is common for multiple users within your organization to share TDPs, to minimize disruption, your organization’s users need to collectively, as a group, upgrade to the new release in the same time period.


How do I fill in FAIR Form 1, Index of Assembly Parts information?

Using DISCUS, select the menu item TDP, Parts List (Or Control-L) which displays the Part List window. Select Add, Edit or Delete to edit the Parts List.


Can I import a list of parts into DISCUS?

Yes. Using DISCUS:

  1. Select the menu item File, Parts List…, which displays the Part List window.
  2. Select the Import From File… button.
  3. Browse to and select the input file.
  4. The input file must be in the following format.
    part_number,part_name,serial_number,supplier,fai_report_number,find number 12345,bracket5,34567,Supplier One,9877,112346,bracket6,34568,Supplier Two,9878,212347,bracket7,34569,Supplier Three,9879,3


How do I fill in Form 2, Product Accountability information?

Using DISCUS, select menu item TDP, Material/Process List…, which displays the Material/Process List window. Select Add, Edit or Delete to edit the Material/Process List.