Welcome to the DISCUS for Rolls-Royce Electronic FAIR (Net-Inspect) download page.

This software download is for suppliers using the Rolls-Royce E-FAIR application (Net-Inspect).

Rolls-Royce has purchased licenses of DISCUS for your use to load First Article Inspection Reports into the electronic FAIR application (Net-inspect). You are viewing this page as a result of selecting a link provided to your company by Rolls-Royce. If this is not the case, do not complete the below registration form.

For answers to the most commonly asked questions associated with using DISCUS with the Roll-Royce GSP E-FAIR Net-Inspect, please review (and bookmark) the DISCUS – Rolls-Royce E-FAIR FAQ page.

For verification purposes, please complete the registration form below. After submitting this form, you will be able to download the DISCUS software for use with the appropriate Rolls-Royce Electronic FAIR application (Net-Inspect).

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