DISCUS Desktop Application:

DISCUS 10 (v10.1.1, 64-bit only)

NOTE: Version 10 license entitlement required.

DISCUS 9 (v9.5.5, 32-bit only)

NOTE: Version 9 or greater license entitlement required.



DISCUS License Server:

DISCUS License Server (v10.1.0, Apache Tomcat Web Application Server Version 9.0.19, 32-bit only)

NOTE: This server application is only required for Internal Floating license types.



DISCUS 3C Editor:

DISCUS License Server (v10.1.0, 64-bit only)

NOTES: This application is capable of editing the characteristic library and should only be used when explicitly directed by the DISCUS Support team. This version is compatible with DISCUS 10.1.0 and greater.